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Create beautiful minimalist business card mockups with Elm. Elm features 9 pre-made scenes within 1 Photoshop file. Inspired by nature, Elm features natural textures and photo-based elements such as organic ceramics, wooden homewares and botanicals.

Within one Photoshop file, choose between 9 pre-made scenes to showcase your business card designs in an authentic setting. Elm includes scenes with various botanical elements (palm leaf, petals, a branch and olive leaves) which can be toggled on or off within the specific scene. You can further customise the images by adjusting the colour of the textured background as well as the colour of ceramic dishes.

These mockups use Photoshop smart layers and so to change the business card, simply add your own image and your design will appear in the card design placeholder. The business card mockups also feature a choice of 2 optional subtle texture layers created from high quality photographs of card stock that can be turned on or off, to suit your designs.

Please note, the ceramic and wooden objects are fixed in place and cannot be moved. However, the business cards and botanical objects can be moved and rotated. Each scene has been created specifically for the artboard and so it is recommended not to scale the various elements in order to maintain the realistic shadows.

Customisation features:
– Choice of 9 pre-made scenes
– Customise the background colour
– Choose toggle botanical elements (palm, petals, branch, olive leaves) on or off in each specific pre-made scene
– Customise the colour of the ceramic homeware elements
– Choose between 2 textures for the business cards
– Customise the background to any colour you want with the option to add a texture layer

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Product Details

1 Photoshop (.psd) file containing all elements Help sheet pdf Image Sizes: Placeholders for business card size standard 3.5” x 2” (88.9mm x 50.8mm) Image size 5000 x 3333 px 300dpi Please note: The business card placeholders in these images have been created to display the standard business card size of 3.5” x 2” (88.9mm x 50.8mm) and so would be suitable for showcasing designs of this ratio only. Business card designs are not included and are for display purposes only.



Photoshop CS6 or above. Photoshop CC recommended.


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