How to earn revenue as a Moyo affiliate

Welcome to the team.

We are so happy and grateful that you’re here! Our journey as a resource hub for creatives worldwide has reinforced our deep love for lifting each other up so that we all learn, grow, and share our beautiful work with the world.

We are ecstatic that you’re interested in becoming a member of our affiliate program! We believe this program is a win all around – you get to support your audience with a tool that will truly help their business grow (we’re biased, but we believe this is true!), you get to earn passive income, and we get to spread our message and offerings even further than we ever thought possible.

On this page, you’ll find resources and ideas for you to use to make your experience as an affiliate of our brand one that is stress-free and ultra-effective. We’ve served up content ideas and best practices as an affiliate so that you can feel confident in your role collaborating with us.

Ways to Promote Moyo

The sky’s the limit when it comes to options for how to share your Moyo affiliate link! Think about all the ways you connect with your audience currently, and then start to include Moyo-related content and posts periodically for the different outlets you use. We curated some ideas for you to use to get you started!

Blog Posts, Podcasts, or Videos

Offering valuable insight or information to your audience is a great way to get your followers to use your affiliate link and continue to build trust and rapport with your readers as a voice of authority in your field. No matter what sort of content you create, you’ll want to offer content that benefits your followers in their work. Here are some great content ideas to get you started:

1. Comparative blog posts, podcasts, or videos

Think about comparing our services with other options that many of your followers use. Show them how their business benefits when they use our services when compared to various competitors.

Your blog post title could be something along the lines of: 

“Paid vs. free stock photos & mockups” 


2. Informational Blog Posts, Podcasts, or Videos

Offering information to your audience is one of the best content marketing practices out there. Your audience will LOVE you for taking the time to show them how you use our products in your workflow.

Possible blog topics: 

“How I use mockups and stock imagery in my content marketing”

“How elegant stock imagery up-leveled my business this year”

“Using Moyo Studio templates in Photoshop: A Tutorial” 


3. Roundup Posts, Podcasts, or Videos

Roundup posts are some of our favourites to read! We always want to know what other successful entrepreneurs are using to scale their businesses. A roundup post is when you list out some of the programs, tools, or systems you use in your business. 

Possible titles:

“5 Creative Tools I Couldn’t Live Without”

“The Top 3 Purchases I Made for My Business This Year”

Emails + Email Signatures

Consistently engaging with your email list is a great way to share your work, and an even better way to share your affiliate links! For ANY piece of content you create, make sure that you are writing an email that accompanies that post so that you are driving more and more traffic to that content! 

Another great way to leverage the power of your email list is to add your affiliate link to your email signature. This is a no-frills way to consistently share your link without having to remember to do so! Add a simple line like this to the bottom of your email:

“Wondering how I always keep these emails looking so on-brand? Check out Moyo Studio.”

Social Media

Just like email marketing, you’ll want to make sure that any piece of content you create is also promoted on your social accounts. Again,  this is a low-effort way to drive serious traffic to your own content. 

IG stories are a great place to promote affiliate links. It’s really effective to sign on with a video that shows your followers how you use our services! Anytime you share about Moyo on social media, remember to tag us in the post so we can repost! Then add your affiliate link either as a swipe up or in your bio during the 24 hour period that the video is live. 

Or, you could even have a permanent link in your IG link page that takes your audience to our website.  You may find that fellow creatives will want to source some of the mockups you use to showcase their own work and so by having a permanent link in your insta-links page, curious visitors can be directed to our website via your affiliate link.

Possible titles for links/ CTA buttons:

“Moyo Studio Stock Photos & Mockups”

“Where I source my mockups”


Pinterest is an actual goldmine for finding active customers who are seeking specific help for their business. Create a beautiful pin using our stock images or mockups and write a keyword-rich title and caption about stock images, content creation, or showing portfolio work, then link to your affiliate page or a blog post on the topic!

Best Practices As an Affiliate

1. Be Transparent

First, consumers want to be treated with respect. No one likes a secretive salesperson, so be upfront about the fact that you can receive a commission from your affiliate partnerships. Most digital consumers are comfortable with these relationships. The key? Only promote products you actually use and love.

Plus, it is actually illegal not to disclose that you can make money from the links that you promote in your content. Including an affiliate disclosure page on your site is an easy, one-time task that covers your bases here. Remember to link to that disclosure page any time you create content that includes your links! You can also add a simple disclosure statement in blog posts, IG posts or stories or Pinterest pins.


2. Capitalise During Promo Times

Timing your content to coincide with our promos throughout the year is a great way to build trust with your audience. It sends a message that you’re looking out for their best interests and with time sensitive discounts, your audience are more likely to be proactive and buy which means an increase in conversions for you. Woop!


3. Offer Value 

Don’t just blast your followers with a constant barrage of affiliate links. As always, less is more and always promote from a place of sincerity. Take the time and effort to really offer value that will genuinely benefit them and their creative business.

Repost this as an original pin every few months and watch the traffic come in. This is a great way of having your affiliate link running on auto-pilot!

Time to Get Started

We hope that you’ve found this resource guide to be helpful as you plan your marketing efforts as a part of our affiliate program! We’re ecstatic that you’re here and a part of team Moyo!

If you have any other questions about our affiliate programme, be sure to check out our Affiliate Q&A’s here or feel free to get in touch with us at