2018: What We Learned In Our First Year Of Business

January 7, 2019

Hey 2019, when did you get here?! After our Christmas digital detox, we maybe a little late to the party, but from the team at Moyo we wish you a heartfelt Happy New Year!

We fully admit that being the introverts that we are, we’re not the biggest sharers online but in the safe space of this little corner of the Internet we’ve carved out, we wanted to let you in on something. 2018 was both a magical and terrifying year for us at MOYO.

On a personal level, this included manifesting our 5 years-in-the-making dream of living in two of our favourite countries in the world where we could sip on coconut shakes and iced coffees every single day (our beloved Thailand and Vietnam, you didn’t disappoint!). Then, eventually (and completely unexpectedly) we ended up navigating back to Europe and settling in Spain, a country that we’d only visited once decades ago and where we don’t speak the language. Nada.

When it came to the business side of things, we (finally!) launched our website, made an online shop, revised and tweaked our website again (we’re creative perfectionists, so it’s a known habit of ours) and last but not least we delved into our most ambitious project yet, which was also launching our membership. Behind the scenes we also let go of an old business of ours that we’d been running since 2015 that simply didn’t align with us anymore. For a while, we had been feeling detached from it and the psychological ties that it had to a different less-than-happy time in our lives, and we knew deep down that it was time to let go. In many ways it provided us with a financial safety blanket, but something just didn’t feel right anymore and so we decided to listen to our intuition and cut the ties.

So in July 2018, after 8 months of the long and emotional process of marketing and selling the business, we finally passed it on to its new owner and we set ourselves free, so that we could devote ourselves to MOYO full time. In October, we even hit our first birthday milestone and so we have officially been in business for one year! Yup, it’s been a heady mix of scary, exhausting and exhilarating with a magic sprinkling of awakening, too.

As with the launch of any business, there have been huge challenges along the way. Some, we surprised ourselves with by carrying out projects that we felt we weren’t qualified for or ready to do, yet we found ourselves learning as we went and rising to the occasion. Others, sadly we did not or we took on more than we could for fear of saying no to some amazing opportunities that were presented to us. We’re only human, and we’re constantly learning and evolving as we go along. It’s safe to say that the year had been a rollercoaster ride of elated highs and I’m-going-to-throw-my-laptop-out-the-window lows.

Honestly, there had been days when we genuinely questioned what it was that we were doing, getting sucked into comparison quicksand and doubting our abilities to create, and who it was that we were trying to serve. We’d find ourselves doubting that we could create a business that offered both financial and creative freedom. When those dark clouds of doubt began to shroud us, a beautiful comment on Instagram would bring us back and show us the light. A new subscriber would join our list, allowing us to connect and open up a meaningful dialogue, we’d receive an out of the blue lovely message in our inbox that would bring genuine tears of joy, or we’d see our photos or mockups being used ‘out in the real world’ and our hearts would swell with gratitude.

If you’ve ever liked one our posts on IG, purchased one of our products, or opened up an email, just know that it didn’t go unnoticed and you are what has made 2018 the incredible year that it was for us. So, from the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you.

We have some BIG plans for MOYO this year, and we cannot wait to share some of those with you soon. Excited? We certainly are! Thank you for your support of our studio MOYO and here’s to an amazing year ahead!

Stay awesome,
Molly & Mark


Very inspiring! Do you mind sharing what your previous business was?