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During the past couple of months, the world has unexpectedly found itself in a time of transition. We, like many businesses, have been given an opportunity to pause and reflect and this season of change has given rise to an exciting, evolution of Moyo.

With our aim, to create a bolder, better version of Moyo and the creative community it serves, we’re closing our doors to new members on Friday 15th May.

3 months all-access pass

To make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy Moyo assets this year, for a limited time only we’re offering a 3 month all-access pass for just $149.

Like our membership, you will have access to our entire product catalogue (worth over $1500) for 3 months. The only difference is that this is a one-time payment, with no renewal.

Not only will you have access to our existing catalogue but you’ll also have access to all of our up and coming releases over the next few months, too!

Closing soon

If you want to give your business a content boost and enjoy unlimited downloads of our creative assets for the next 3 months, be sure to grab our limited edition all-access pass by Friday.

After 15th May, we will not be opening membership spots for the rest of 2020 and the 3 month all-access pass will no longer be available.


If you were wondering if this pass is right for you, we hope to answer some of the questions you may have below.

1. Will the pass renew after 3 months? No, the pass will not renew after 3 months. This is a one-time payment for 3 months access to our current library of products (worth over $1500) and all new releases over the next 3 months.

2. What happens after 3 months? After your pass has expired in 3 months time, you will not be able to download any products from the library. However, anything you have downloaded in those 3 months is yours to keep and create with forever!

When you download our products you will be provided with a PDF with a link to our Google Drive where these products are stored. Here you can download the products directly and these links will never expire and so you will be able to access them at any point in the future.

If storage space is an issue, what we would recommend is that you keep the PDFs somewhere safe (either on a hard drive or in cloud storage) so that you access the assets whenever you need in the future.

3. What happens if I don’t buy the pass? Can I still buy your products? Absolutely! Moyo isn’t going anywhere. All of our current range of products (and any new releases) will continue to be available to purchase individually in our shop, as normal.

The only main difference is that we won’t be accepting new memberships for 2020 from Friday 15th May onwards.

We didn’t want to disappoint anyone who was hoping to join later this year, which is why we created the one-off 3 month access pass so that you could stock up on all the creative resources you need for your business.

4. I’m already a member. Do I need to buy a pass? No. For all current members, things will remain the same so no need to do anything at all!

As an existing member nothing will change and so you can continue with your active membership. The main reason for this is that we have reached a comfortable number with our existing membership and wish to invest more time into creating better resources for our current community.

We’re just setting the wheels in motion now for our evolution in 2021, but for our current members we will be continuing to provide all of the creative resources that you can expect of us. In fact, we have all of our beautiful content and releases mapped out and they’re our best yet.

We have some exciting plans for Moyo and behind the scenes, we’ve been collaborating with some of the most talented photographers around and we can’t wait to share with you some of our up and coming collections!

After Friday 15th May, we will not be opening membership spots for the rest of 2020 and the 3 month all-access pass will no longer be available. You’ll still be able to shop all of the products individually as normal on our website, though!

If you’ve been wanting to boost your content, now’s the time to take advantage of our 3 months all-access pass, before it’s gone. In the meantime, we’d also like to thank you all for your amazing support of Moyo, and we look forward to sharing glimpses of its evolution soon!

Stay awesome, Molly & Mark

PS. Have any questions about our 3 month all-access pass? Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@moyo-studio.com

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